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Outpatient Cath Labs

Maybe you’re worried about the high costs, low reimbursement, regulatory issues, and start-up risks of managing ongoing business operations. DLP Cardiac Partners can provide joint-venture or management services, offering a higher quality of patient care while removing the strain of operational costs and leaving you free to grow your program.
From feasibility analysis to management and operation, DLP Cardiac Partners will help you construct a diagnostic/therapeutic facility that provides a higher quality of patient care.

Management Services

  • Day to day operations
  • Equipment maintenance, coordination, and negotiation
  • Clinical outcomes data
  • Best practices and evidence-based decision support
  • Regulatory compliance with state, federal, and Joint Commission standards
  • Recruitment and training of qualified staff
  • Management of financial functions
  • Supply chain management
  • Policy and clinical care practice guidelines
  • Quality and performance improvement initiatives

Multi-disciplinary cardiology centers

Cardiac cath labs are just the beginning of DLP Cardiac Partners' capabilities. Have you considered a cardiology diagnostic and therapeutic center with expanded service capabilities?

A multi-disciplinary center can open treatment options, increase efficiency, and broaden your potential patient base. We are experienced developers and managers of nuclear cardiology programs, sleep centers, and external counterpulsation (ECP) centers.

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