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DLP Cardiac Partners has been a leader in partnership with physicians and hospitals in cath lab and mobile cath lab services since 1988. Hospitals and physicians rely on us as their partner for launching new and expanded services. High patient satisfaction, exemplary care, new sources of business – it's all waiting for you at DLP Cardiac Partners.

Mobile Lab Route

Looking to start a new cath lab or expand an existing one, but don’t yet have the resources? Before you spend millions on a new building, test the waters with our mobile cath lab routes. You’ll pick the schedule – anything from one day per week to a full-time program – and we’ll send our mobile unit, complete with the staff and equipment to perform any procedure done in a hospital-based cath lab. We’ll handle setup, operations, and provide consultation and applications training for your staff.

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Interim Mobile Labs (Rentals)

Don't let inoperable equipment, construction delays or upgrades to existing equipment stand in your way. With DLP Cardiac Partners’ mobile cardiac cath and angiography labs, you’ll see cardiac patients on your schedule. Our large rental fleet offers the latest technology when your own equipment is out for repairs or upgrades, your new lab is under construction, or patient volume is especially high.  

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Hospital-based Cath Labs

Worried about the high costs, changing technology, and operating challenges of opening or growing your cath lab?  After decades of developing and managing cardiac cath labs, DLP Cardiac Partners understands the challenges you face. Our proven operating models, combined with our financial, clinical and management expertise, mean improved operational efficiency and performance for you.

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Outpatient Cath Labs

Pick up any healthcare journal and you will see articles referencing procedures moving to an outpatient setting. ASCs, OBL, Diagnostic Center, Hospital-based outpatient departments are all taking up this space. Cardiology is no different. Many hospital and cardiologist are being proactive and taking control of their own destiny. An OBL may be right for some and an ASC for others. Regardless of the model, DLP Cardiac Partners has the expertise to design, build, equip, and operate highly quality outpatient facilities. 

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