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Hospital-based Cath Labs

Hospital-based Cath Labs

DLP Cardiac Partners can help you operate your hospital-based cardiac cath lab. Whether you’re considering a start-up or evaluating options for your existing lab, we have experience in joint-venture partnerships, management and consulting to help you reach your goals.

Considering a new cath lab? DLP Cardiac Partners can conduct a feasibility study to gauge the potential. Interested in boosting performance at your existing facility? We’ll collect clinical outcomes and compare your facility against national benchmarks. Our goal in every case is outstanding care and high levels of patient and physician satisfaction.

Venturing into the world of cardiac cath labs can be challenging. DLP Cardiac Partners is a pioneering company specializing in establishing and operating fixed cardiac catheterization labs. With over 25 years of expertise in the cardiac care industry, our team is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals to create lasting impacts on their communities through advanced cardiac services.

DLP Cardiac Partners brings:

  • Experienced Team – Our team of seasoned experts includes trained cath lab techs and nurses with years of experience in the cardiac care field.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology – We equip your fixed cath lab with the latest cutting-edge technology, ensuring precise diagnostics and successful interventions for your patients.

  • Supply Management – We maintain an adequate and consistent inventory of medical supplies and disposable items required for cath lab procedures at GPO pricing.

  • Quality Assurance – We adhere to strict quality assurance standards that ensure the cardiac cath lab operates at the highest level of excellence and patient care which is overseen monthly by a nationally ranked academic center.

  • Collaborative Approach – We work hand in hand to achieve shared goals and make a positive impact on cardiac care in the community.

  • Sustainable Growth – After initial cardiac cath lab setup, our focus extends to establishing a solid foundation for long term success, allowing the cardiac program to grow.

  • Tailored Solutions – We design customized solutions to meet your specific needs to optimize resources and deliver the best care possible.

All you need to provide is sufficient space to accommodate the fixed cardiac cath lab, pre and post op space, interventional cardiologist, and emergency response plan.

Partner with DLPCP, and together, we will build a cardiac cath lab program within your facility to achieve goals and shape the future of cardiac care.

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