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Case Study - UNC Blue Ridge

UNC Blue Ridge

The Issue

UNC Blue Ridge formerly known as Grace Hospital is a 200 bed facility in Morganton, NC. The hospital's mobile Cath Lab was experiencing volumes high enough to warrant construction of a full-time in-house Cath Lab. At the time, DLP Cardiac Partners was providing the hospital with mobile Cath Lab services three days per week.

The Reason

UNC Blue Ridge lacked the staff, resources, and capital necessary to proceed with the development of an in-house Cath Lab.

The Capabilities Needed

A partner to help fund and operationalize the development of an in-house cath lab.

What We Provided

DLP Cardiac Partners formed a joint venture with UNC Blue Ridge in 2004 to help fund and oversee the development and operation of an in-house Cath Lab. Additionally, DLP Cardiac Partners was able to provide shared staffing of employees from other area hospital partnerships. DLP Cardiac Partners leveraged relationships with vendors to receive discount pricing on equipment and supplies that UNC Blue Ridge could not otherwise have obtained.

The Result

By partnering with DLP Cardiac Partners, the hospital was able to build a new Cath Lab to accommodate the growing community demand for diagnostic cardiac catheterization services. In May 2009, DLP Cardiac Partners and UNC Blue Ridge together began development of an elective PCI program without on-site cardiac surgery. Two interventional cardiologists joined the hospital and began their practice in July of that year. Complete with a state-of-the-art digital imaging system, the new elective PCI program commenced operations by September 2009 and is already exceeding volume expectations.

Watch this video to learn more about our joint-venture partnership with UNC Blue Ridge.

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