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About Us

Partnering with physicians and hospitals across the country to provide leading-edge cath lab services.

Can you imagine your cath labs operating at peak efficiency, generating high quality results, and creating win/win scenarios for your patient population, cardiologists, and hospital? You’d stop losing patients to the competition by offering superb treatment in a convenient, modern facility. New or expanded cath labs would benefit you, your organization, and your community.

But you haven’t moved forward yet. Do you need more expertise and capital to make it happen? Look to DLP Cardiac Partners. For nearly 20 years, our proven models have helped physicians and hospitals create leading-edge facilities they could not develop alone. We provide operational management, a proven track record, and access to capital. You provide medical services and oversee patient care. Your patients benefit from top-quality resources for improving their health. Everyone wins.

With our development expertise, operational tools, and history of successful partnerships nationwide, your facility will have the foundation for sound growth that benefits physicians and hospitals alike. Isn’t it time you have the cath labs you want? Call us today at (704) 815-7700 to find out what a relationship with DLP Cardiac Partners could mean for you.

Duke LifePoint Healthcare
DLP Cardiac Partners is a part of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, a joint venture of Duke University Health System, one of the country’s leading academic health systems, and Lifepoint Health, a leading hospital system with 54 hospital campuses across the U.S.

Duke LifePoint combines Duke’s unparalleled expertise in clinical excellence and quality care with Lifepoint’s extensive resources and knowledge and experience operating community hospitals.

With a shared mission of making communities healthier, Duke LifePoint’s goal is to create a system of community hospitals in North Carolina and surrounding areas that will transform healthcare and enhance the services available to the people in this region.

"High Five" Guiding Principles
Along with Lifepoint Health, DLP Cardiac Partners is also dedicated to the following five guiding principles:

  • Delivering compassionate, high quality patient care
  • Creating excellent workplaces for our employees
  • Supporting physicians to achieve clinical excellence
  • Strengthening our hospitals' roles in their communities
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility

Watch this video to learn more about DLP Cardiac Partners.

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