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Interim Mobile Labs (Rentals)

Your Challenges

  • You’ve got to keep your cath or vascular services running while you replace or upgrade existing equipment.
  • You need to handle a surge or backlog in procedures for your existing cath/vascular lab.
  • You want to add a new cardiovascular service – but keep your costs low.

Your Solution

DLP Cardiac Partners’ Mobile Cardiac Catheterization and Vascular Labs. It couldn’t be easier. Lease one of our leading-edge mobile labs for as long as you need it, from one month to several years. We deliver and set up the equipment, establish services and provide extensive applications training on site to your hospital staff. We offer flexible terms and a large inventory with the best technology at prices that meet your budget.

Consider all you get with DLP Cardiac Partners:

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Free consultation and pad site assessment
  • Large inventory of competitively priced labs
  • Labs with diagnostic and interventional procedural capability
  • Set up, comprehensive applications training, and maintenance included
  • Clinical care practice guidelines
  • OEM service level

Since 1988, DLP Cardiac Partners has provided mobile labs for more than 250 hospitals nationwide. Shouldn't your hospital be one of them?

For more leasing information, please contact:

Susan Pless
Business Development Specialist
DLP Cardiac Partners, LLC
566 Ruin Creek Road
Henderson, NC 27536

Mobile: 828-228-8116

Watch this video to learn more about our mobile labs.

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